I'm sure we don't need to explain the importance of backing up your data. Everyone has lost a file or two at some point in their life. But backups don't need to be a burden on you or your team. We can automate the entire process and monitor it for errors and incompletions.

Backing up is only half the job. Every company needs a disaster recovery strategy in place in case of an emergency. What if you had a fire, flood or worse someone stole your server. How would you recover your data and get working again in minutes not hours or days?

Even though we have multiple strategies to choose from when deciding how best to protect your business, they all have one thing in common, real time monitoring by our staff. Feel better knowing professionals are watching out for your business.

Online Backup

Cross-platform and written in Java, our software is compatible with all major operating systems, database servers, and Microsoft Exchange. Features include industry standard encryption, compressed data and transfers, advanced scheduling and retention policies, In-File Delta, and Continuous Data Protection.

Network Storage Devices

Our premier localized backup appliance brings together the need for fast on-site recovery, and provides all the features of our online backup software.

RAID Arrays

Write your data simultaneously to multiple hard drives. With RAID arrays hard drives can crash with little to no effect on your daily activities.

Removable Storage

Taking data off site or archiving large amounts of data needs to be handled properly. Our removable storage solutions can solve these issues in a cost effective way.

Mission Critical Recovery

Have a large backup set? Need a faster solution for on-site mission critical data? Our Network Attached Storage Backup Appliance allows for large data sets to be quickly restored, on the fly. Our devices come with 500 Gigabytes to 40 Terabytes of storage, giving you high availability for your applications.

All of our Exchange accounts include SpamStopper , our advanced antispam software, to provide the ultimate in spam protection at no cost.