Keeping your employees and partners training up to date can be a huge task. Dastech can help with online or offline training systems. We work with you to build the training sessions and devise a strategy for you to test and track the results of your team.

Train Your
Employees Online

Do you have safety courses or process training requirements in your business? How would you like to offer your employees training online?
We provide online training software that can be customized to your needs. Our team can take your classroom training session and automate it online giving management the ability to assign different training modules to different employees. They can also track their results and even issue certificates upon completion. For a demo please contact one of our sales representatives today.

Offline Training

Dastech Systems can provide management and employees with training on the latest software to keep productivity high.
The number one cause of lost productivity is lack of training and in the IT world this is no different. From training on basic business software like Microsoft Office to operating systems training on both Windows and MAC, we can provide it all. We will work with your partners to help staff learn and utilize any off the shelf or custom software you may need.

All of our Exchange accounts include SpamStopper , our advanced antispam software, to provide the ultimate in spam protection at no cost.